Suzhou Flow Far Textile Co.,ltd

Suzhou Flow far Textile Co., Ltd. is committed to promoting the integration of apparel industry resources, 

creating a benchmark of supply chain service, and promoting the globalization of China's apparel products.

 The company has been in the textile industry for more than ten years, is a comprehensive enterprise covering textile fabric export, 

garment export, brand processing, foreign trade garment agent and other textile export. 

The company has profound advantages in the textile industry, in the fabric link, the company has its own fabric production factory, 

in terms of price and quality can be effectively controlled; In garment, effective control on fabrics, 

production and the quality of many factories built up a deep partnership, 

the factory covers the high-end, midrange and low-end different needs of customers, markets, such as capacity is enough,

 from the selection of fabrics, the style of development, the production of large cargo in-depth cooperation, 

effectively control the cost of the product, At the same time in different links in-depth quality management, 

control every link of the supply chain, and finally to provide customers with competitive products.

In the future development, we will continue to focus on optimizing our supply chain, and at the same time, 

we will go deep into the market end of customers, carry out product development and provide customers with professional sales plans, 

and become customers' deep partner.