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In China, the industrial chain of clothing is very extensive. 

There are modern factories with thousands of people and fully automatic production lines, 

as well as small workshops with a few people and a few backward machines, engaged in the production of simple clothing.

 And China has a huge supply chain system, from the production of fabrics, the production of various accessories, 

to the production process of clothing, there are numerous complex processes. 

China has the deepest and most comprehensive textile supply chain in the world. 

There are countless factories, large and small, that are part of this supply chain system, which allows the textile industry to flourish.

Different from other simple categories, clothing is complex, with many links in the industrial chain, and each link is very complex. 

As a customer of clothing foreign trade, it is impossible to touch the deep supply chain. Now due to the rise of labor costs, 

the industrial chain has been slowly transferred to the mainland, for foreign customers, it is impossible to establish cooperation. 

In addition, there are numerous high-quality factories in China that do not have foreign trade teams and can only engage in very single production activities. 

Since there is no need for huge operating costs and consumption, the production cost is very competitive in the clothing supply chain. 

As a result, for clothing products, cooperation with factories does not mean cheap prices. 

If trading companies can effectively integrate the supply chain, they can also gain dual advantages of price and quality.