Suzhou Flow Far Textile Co.,ltd

Production Flow

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    Raw materials

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    Cloth cutting

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    Fabric inspection

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    Module sewing

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    Inspection of semi-finished products

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    Automatic allocation

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specialized in fabric production of clothing production for more than 10 years, there are a large number of high-quality fabric production base and clothing production base. Especially in the jacket category, we have been deeply ploughed for many years and have the advantage of industry-leading price and quality.


Based on Strict quality requirements, we control every production process layer by layer, from the production of fabric to the production of garments. Besides, we have professional staff responsible for. At the same time, we have passed many certification, GRS, ISO, BSCI, etc.


We have a professional development team, with strong research and development abilities. Whether OEM or ODM, we can provide customers with very efficient solutions. We provide customers with a wide range of styles to choose from every season, and we can also make samples according to customers' styles quickly.


We adhere to the customer first, service first business principle. For each of our customers, we treat each other sincerely, provide customers with one-stop solutions through our professional ability. we committed to continue to create profits for every customers, become their strategic partner.

How Can We Fast Grow Your Business?

Flow Far is not only not a selling company, but a Solution provider and your long-term partner. For different business models, we will tailor our solution to support you.


E-commerce customers are trial order mode, once creating a burst will quickly return order. In terms of service, we support customization below moQ. Although the work is very tedious, we are also willing to support our customers and meet their customized small orders. At the production aspect, we can quickly produce customers' large orders to ensure their sales and maximize their benefits.

Brand customers

Our professional development ability is favored by brand customers. Every season, we send our new products to our customers for selecting. At the same time, we can change the materials and process according to their needs. We are deeply involved in customer customization, constantly communicate with customers to determine the best procurement plan, strictly control the quality of products. As a result, we have buildt a deep connection with many brand customers.


We have a large number of wholesale customers in different countries, generally distributed in the wholesale market of each country, such as Russia's Librino market, Italy's Rome wholesale market, etc. We go to the source of the fabric and production supply chain. So our prices are very competitive. We adhere to the principle of small profits but quick turnover, and give the profits to our customers. Besides, we have a strict quality awareness and good quality control system, to ensure that customers can get a good feedback when selling clothes.


As a supply chain leader in apparel products, we are deeply involved in the textile and apparel industry. For supermarket customers, we are not limited to a certain type of clothes, but to provide a variety of product supply services, greatly reduce the workload of supermarket customers, to provide one-stop solutions, to give customers quality service experience. Most important, our supply chain is excellent. The price of a product is more advantageous than that of a single factory.